Who’s Your Petaluma Realtor? Clients Love Rebecca Celli!

The business of buying and selling homes is so much more than just a business. There are few other industries in which polished professionalism and a personal touch can make all the difference.

Think about it – what other professionals spend their evenings and weekends with clients, in client’s most personal spaces like kitchens, bedrooms and closets, and discussing finances? That’s why testimonials and referrals are so important in this business. You don’t want just anyone driving you around town and touring you through luxury homes (or in your luxury home) – you want a Petaluma Realtor you can trust!

You Can’t Go Wrong with Good Manners

Client Testimonial - Petaluma Realtor Rebecca Celli

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There are some lessons you learn early on in life that stick with you and give you an edge. Like manners. In a recent client testimonial, this was a standout trait described about Realtor Rebecca Celli:

“Rebecca has great people skills and wonderful energy and manners. I would highly recommend her – she’s the best!”
-Ellen C.

It was also noted that Rebecca was courteous and grounded – her mom would be so proud! Of course good manners alone don’t get great deals done and keep clients happy. It was also noted that Rebecca kept her client informed. Making sure the client understands every step of the process is essential to making the client comfortable, both with their Petaluma Realtor and in their new home.

Make Rebecca Celli Your Petaluma Realtor!

Rebecca Celli, Your Petaluma RealtorWhile please and thank you go along way, Celli Group Fine Properties are also experts in the real estate industry. Not only does Rebecca Celli post and comment on regular market updates, but she is also now a licensed Real Estate Broker. Holding a broker license means having a level of real estate knowledge and market understanding beyond what is required by state law to be a real estate agent. This includes topics like appraisal, macroeconomics, property management, brokerage management, trust fund accounting and even commercial real estate. Plus a more in depth look at lending practices with a heavy emphasis on ethics and fraud. The dedication and time it took to become a broker only deepens Rebecca’s commitment to her craft and her clients.

So take it from Rebecca Celli and her clients – good manners, an open attitude and being knowledgeable about the industry are the keys to success! To see what Petaluma Realtor Rebecca Celli can do you for you in the Petaluma, Marin and Sonoma County areas, contact us today and sign up for property listings delivered straight to your inbox!


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