Closing the Deal

CGFP - What Sellers and Luxury Home Buyers Can Expect to Close the Deal

Become more informed on the basics. Need to understand what expected disclosure rate really is? Rebecca Celli, Realtor explains the ins-and-outs of this additional rate fee.

Buyer Disclosures 101

Closing costs are inevitable. From appraisal fees to miscellaneous title fees, CGFP goes in-depth and defines over 30 of the common closing costs that you may incur.

The Closing Costs

“Who pays what?” While answers may vary, let Rebecca Celli, Realtor show you the comparison between what sellers and what luxury home buyers pay to get a well-rounded perspective.

Who Pays for What

In an overview from January to December, CGFP shows how the month you close on a property determines the number of prepaid taxes you are required to pay at the time of closing.

Property Tax Calendar