What’s Expected for Real Estate Listings in 2017?

A possible rise in rates this year and the lack of affordability could be the greatest challenge for Real Estate Listings in 2017. Read on for more!

Navigate Home Buying & Selling in 2017

Rising mortgage interest rates may prove it difficult to navigate home buying and selling in 2017. Is it enough to decrease housing affordability?

National Association of Realtors 2016 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers

In this Trend Vision article, Rebecca Celli discusses the fact that slightly higher mortgage rates and home prices aren’t deterring first-time home buyers yet!

California Real Estate Rates & Prices on the Rise

Rates are on the rise and so are prices! Read this weeks Trends by real estate agent, Rebecca Celli, to see more on the Petaluma and Penngrove real estate market and insights from CoreLogic!

Real Estate Market Values are in for November

Real Estate Market Values for November 2016 show an average sales price of $904,000 in Penngrove and the median sales price in Petaluma at $670,000.

October Numbers Are In for the Northern California Real Estate Market!

October numbers are in and the markets favor both sellers & buyers! Read this weeks Trends by real estate agent, Rebecca Cellis’, to see more on the Petaluma and Penngrove real estate market!

How Does Petaluma Luxury Real Estate Fit in at the National Level?

Based on September 2016 stats, we compare Petaluma Real Estate to the National market and see that average home prices have increased. This recovery in home prices has contributed to the national home-equity wealth nearly doubling over the last five years. And home prices are expected to continue to rise into 2017 at a rate of about 5%.

Petaluma Homes for Sale vs. Homes Sold: Trends May be Changing

There seems to be a trend forming in the Petaluma homes for sale versus the homes actually sold. Although the amount of inventory has increased since last year at this time, the number of closed sales has decreased. And many of the homes currently in inventory have been there for a while. Supply vs. Demand […]

Rounding the 4th Quarter Bend!

Despite the lack of Northern California real estate inventory, every indicator points to the seasonal trend persisting.  In fact, “One of the things pointed out in last week’s article,” says Rebecca Celli, “was that median prices are driving up because of this shortage.” So what does all of this mean in terms of buying and […]


No need to wait for the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (C.A.R) to release their results of the 2016 California real estate housing market performance. We already knew!  And, much to our delight, it is comforting to see that our town is consistent. This bodes well for 2017.  In fact, according to C.A.R. Vice President and […]