Finding the Perfect Realtor

Hi, my name is Rebecca Celli and welcome to Celli Group Fine Properties. I would love to talk with you about how I can help you with your real estate needs in the Bay Area. For more information, read about what I can do for you to help make the buying process a smooth and seamless transition.

Understanding Your Credit Score

Celli Group Fine Properties helps explain the meaning behind your individual credit score and questions like – what is a FICO score, and how can my score affect the price of my loan – for the inquisitive home buyer.

Income vs. Debt Ratios

Celli Group Fine Properties helps break down the barrier between real estate lingo and the consumer and make buying a home possible. As you think about applying for a new home loan, you need to consider your personal finances: how much you earn vs. how much you owe will likely determine how much a lender will allow you to borrow.

The Home Selling Process

Details matter, especially when it comes to closing the deal on a home. A flow chart is provided by Rebecca Celli, Realtor for a more powerful visual for you about how the sales process, managing the details and who pays for what truly works.

Preparing to Buy a Dream Home

Have you made the decision to buy a new home? Don’t let this decision be overwhelming, Celli Group is here for you every step of the way. If you are ready to buy a home, we would loved to help walk you through the process. Please feel free to use the following online resources designed specifically for Buyers like you.

Finding a Property

This next step requires some leg work, but with help from Celli Group, we give you current tips to make this process more efficient. These tips include facts you need to know before buying a dream home, how come prepared to an open house and how to keep track of the properties you’ve visited with a property checklist.

Buying a House and Making an Offer

The home buying process is one of discovery, so the essentials of what you need to know about making a home offer and negotiating tactics are outlined and described in this section. As your partner in this process, Rebecca Celli of Celli Group will conduct the negotiating on your behalf.

Finding a Home Loan

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Be inquisitive with your realtor and aware of your options when it comes to finding a home loan. CGFP answers your questions, including what is a mortgage and what are your consumer rights, giving insight to any discriminating buyer.

Closing the Deal

Everything is decided: the house, place and cost. What’s next? Celli Group explains the process behind closing the deal on your new home, and what buyers and sellers can expect. Answers are given for questions ranging from “what is escrow?” to “the closing costs” and your basic responsibilities as a new home owner.